Our Teacher’s Tour is coming to a town near you!

Our spectacular BELL team are touring Italy to provide teachers with comprehensive information on how to create a better learning experience when leading fully immersive English classes. A big focus this year is on how we can take an abstract topic, and be able to develop it into a CLIL style lesson, creating fun and engagement in the classroom. A new edition this year includes a workshop on Coding, demonstrating the adaptability of the CLIL methodology.



Our experts lead an EFL teaching workshop that provides teachers with experience and practise in the BELL Style! We hand out our top tips, secrets and knowledge over the course of four hours, so that teachers can use our tried and tested methods for themselves!




San Severo


The workshop is a fantastic opportunity to develop your teaching and to get some fresh ideas for the classroom! We give you exclusive training in:

  • Songs
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Games
  • CLIL (how to create and plan your own CLIL projects)
  • Idioms
  • Coding
  • Drama activity games…and much, much more!


“Energia contagiosa e tanti spunti per portare entusiasmo ai nostri alunni! Grazie Bell Beyond!”
Sonia Bottanelli. Ic Cologne 

“Anche quest’anno, workshop organizzato molto bene e molto coinvolgente! La giusta carica per iniziare il nuovo anno scolastico”

Giuliana Todesco, Cassano d’Adda
“Imparare divertendosi: questo e uno dei principi fondanti la metodologia della Bell Beyond…Noi questo abbiamo fatto al Workshop di Riolo: ci siamo divertite e abbiamo portato a casa una valigia piena di tante idee per una didattica coinvolgente e piacevole”
Rita Suzzi, Riolo


2/10/19 – Orbassano
3/10/19 – Saluzzo
5/10/19 – Premeno
7/10/19 – Cogorno
8/10/19 – Viareggio
9/10/19 – Sangiovanni Valdarno
10/10/19 – Montepulciano
14/10/19 – Terracina
16/10/19 – Mentana
18/10/19 – Ladispoli

The most important and incredible thing to know is… it is completely free! Our teachers walk away with new ideas and resources, as well as a smile! Follow the link below to book your place!




A small part of the workshop focuses on our upcoming projects. This year, we have some brand new CLIL teachers, ready to hit the road and inspire children with English projects, across Italy.


MONSTER PARTY (Infanzia to 3rd Primaria)

Learn all about what makes monsters scary!


LIFE AT SEA (Infanzia to 3rd Media)

Learn about life under and on the sea.


SCOTTISH TALES (1st Primaria to 5th Primaria)

Discover mythical creatures and legends of the Scottish highlands!


A BUG’S LIFE (1st Primaria to 5th Primaria)

Discover insects and creatures, their habitats and adventures!


IN MY GARDEN (3rd Primaria to 3rd Media)

Explore the science behind the plants and animals in your garden.


SAVE OUR PLANET (3rd Primaria to 3rd Media)

Become a green eco warrior!


SUPERHEROES (4th Primaria to 3rd Media)

Evaluate skills and abilities and create the ultimate superhero!


OUR GREATEST INVENTORS (4th Primaria to 3rd Media)

Learn about the world’s greatest inventors and their inventions!


SHAKESPEARE UNTOLD (5th Primaria to 3rd Media)

Delve in to Shakespeare’s life, plays and legacy. 


ANCIENT EGYPT (1st Media to 3rd Media)

From Cleopatra to Tutankhamun; discover the pharaohs, sphinxes and philosophy.


For more information… https://www.bellbeyond.com/docentiinfo/



After the workshops, our partnering teachers leave brimming with confidence, believing that they can inspire and lead fully immersive lessons in their schools. Here are some important things to remember when teaching in the BELL style:


  1. Smile – When you smile, your students will reflect your energy, and your classroom management becomes so much easier!
  2. Resources –The more resources you have at your disposal, the more adaptable your lessons become. Checkout our online market for all the latest flashcards and storytelling resources we have to offer! https://www.bellbeyond.com/negozio/
  3. Energy – if you have a low energy, the students will too! Check out some of our prime examples of actors on TIE tour here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKjGn7EjJjc 
  4. Passion – fall in love with English again and your students will too! We say it to every BELL employee: your students’ sense everything you feel and reflect it back to you. If you feel passionate, they will too!
  5. Learn new games – It’s so important to change how you do things and what you do! You can sign up to our Monthly Newsletter for fantastic classroom resources, tips and ideas. Email rowanna@bellbeyond.com to receive the monthly newsletter.
  6. Interests – To engage your students in the classroom, try to appeal to their interests!
  7. Topics –You can use English to revitalise other school subjects. There are a variety of topics to use that will keep students engaged whilst learning English. Follow the link to some of our CLIL topics that we can deliver to your students… https://www.bellbeyond.com/clil-special/ 
  8. Change of scenery – sometimes the classroom can get boring and you need to change where you deliver your lesson! Or, you need to experience the language first-hand! Go on the perfect culture trip with us. This year, we are launching our new Exploring Abroad trips, where we will be taking groups of students across to the UK, on a cultural and educational tour. For more information, email ryan@bellbeyond.com
  9. Always speak English! –Set up one day a week or specific lessons where students can only speak English! We have an entire course for teachers to give you tips and tools to provide full-immersion English lessons! Have a look at our Teacher’s Camp here… https://www.bellbeyond.com/cose-il-teachers-camp-per-docenti/

Thank you to all teachers that have attended one of our workshops, and we look forward to meeting some more faces in the coming weeks!


  1. hi I would like to know if there are any workshops in program near Turin in the next months…thank you

    • Buongiorno,
      i prossimi workshop si terranno con il nuovo anno scolastico. Verrà inviato il calendario aggiornato a tutte le docenti iscritte alla nostra mailing list.


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