The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.  Summer is over and along with it, the final BELL Summer Camp for 2019.


But we’ve had an amazing fun-filled summer, delivering full-immersion English Summer Camps all over Italy. We can honestly say that Summer 2019 has been unforgettable and a huge thanks to everyone who participated: the wonderful students at camp, the incredible and patient Camp directors, the amazing BELL tutors and the generous and kind host families.



Our theme this year was ‘Around The World’! Students learnt about food, culture, landmarks, directions, flags of the world, transport and much, much more! But more importantly, thousands of children across Italy were able to jump out of their comfort zone and improve their English language speaking skills.

Hear some of the testimonies from our wonderful camp tutors:

My best memory of working for BELL was watching the final showcase that my kids performed. Watching how far the children had come, growing in terms of their English language abilities, confidence and enthusiasm was amazing to see. It was perhaps one of my proudest moments in teaching so far. – Katie Jones.

Like Katie, many of our tutors use their experience with us to propel their teaching careers. With a whole host of new games, songs and teaching methodologies, tutors leave us every summer with top-class training and an experience that will stay with them throughout their career.

Working with BELL was an opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and get a feel for travelling alone and working in a completely new environment. From the moment I met the BELL team in Cesenatico, I was welcomed with open arms and felt like part of an amazing group I’d never forget. – Aoife McMahon

Our happy tutors: Harry, Rowanna, Sarah and Chloe

At BELL, we feel like a big family; working together to extend our reach across Italy! Speaking of families, we could not achieve the success that we have had over the summer, without the help of our wonderful host families. This year, over two hundred families took the decision to host a BELL tutor, benefiting massively from having a Native English speaker in their homes for up-to two weeks. Likewise, it is a fantastic experience for our tutors – a great chance to experience the true Italian lifestyle.

I stepped off the train with my fellow tutors and was greeted by smiles and hugs! The young kids were a little shy to start with but they were soon holding my hand! I had beautifully cooked food (pizza, pastries and garden-fresh peaches to name a few!) They were so generous and made me feel so comfortable at home! I can’t wait to see you soon! – Rowanna Soyza



September’s Employee of the Month goes to someone who has pulled out all the stops to give BELL the best quality projects ever! She has been an incredible asset to the team, starting as a BELL Summer Camp tutor in 2015, and taking on the role of Head of English from 2017.   We have been so lucky to have had her as a central part of the BELL team for such a long period! This person has continued to excel during her time at BELL, from managing the Summer Camps, leading teachers’ workshops and innovating our CLIL projects, we are going to miss having her around. We are of course talking about ROSIE, who has relocated back to the UK after a phenomenal period working for the company. On behalf of all the office staff, the summer camp tutors, actors and teachers (past and present), we wish Rosie all the best in her future endeavours!



In the last edition, we introduced you to Tom and Ryan, the new Head of Theatre and Head of English. The best leaders are those that can get the most out of their team. We are very fortunate here at BELL to have a fantastic English team, all pulling together.


Laura has been a member of the BELL Team for over a year now. Starting as a an EFL Teacher, she has developed into being a crucial member of the team, and a happy face to have around. She has travelled across Italy teaching hundreds of students and is excited to continue her role as an EFL Teacher to both educate and entertain even more Italian students.


Joel joined the BELL team as a star actor, having previously studied acting and worked on many stage and screen productions. For six months, Joel demonstrated both his acting and his leadership qualities during the Theatre in Education Tour. Joel really enjoyed performing and delivering workshops to thousands of children across Italy. Now, he has developed his skills by taking on the position of Summer Camp Coordinator and more recently as Castings Manager for the upcoming TIE shows.



Rowanna started with BELL as an EFL Teacher, travelling all over Italy teaching classes of five up-to fifty students, across the Infanzia to Media age groups. Since then, Rowanna played a crucial role during the summer, taking on roles of Head Trainer and Camp Leader in some of our largest camps. We are very eager for Rowanna to bring her excitable energy and experience to the Creative Management team based in Liguria, as our new Project Coordinator!


The team is ready to take on the challenges of the new academic year – we hope to see you on our journey!



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