Take a look at our very special Christmas Video 2019 – just for you!

It’s that time of the year when the smell of roasted chestnuts is in the air and the Christmas lights are all you can see! At BELL, we couldn’t love this festive season more –not only for the food.

Christmas is a very important holiday for all of the BELL team. We spend most of the year planning for the festive season: preparing Theatre in Education shows, creating the best Christmas Video and ensuring everything is ready for next year too!


The Office Secret Santa Gift Exchange:

Everyone’s name is in a bowl.

One by one, we choose a name. But shh! It’s a SECRET!

Then, we have 3 weeks to find the funniest/best/silliest present for that name for less than €10!

Finally, it’s time for Santa’s visit! We place the gifts under BELL’s wonderfully decorated tree and pick up the gift with our name on it.

Every year, the presents are hysterical and the BELL team couldn’t be happier. Laughter is the best part of any Festive Event!

However, we do know how stressful it can be getting gifts for our friends!


Here are some of our tips to make it easier with your gift exchange at work:

1.Pick your strategy! Will your gift be funny, kind or silly? Do you have any fond memories, shared jokes or inside information? Use this to help select your gift!

2. Unless the person shops at this store twice a day – NEVER get them a gift card.

3. Donate money to a charity that your Secret Santa really believes in!

4. A monthly subscription to a fun magazine or package.

5. If you’re struggling for ideas – ask your colleagues or slip it into conversation sneakily.

Remember – it’s the thought that counts – agree on a budget to set your gift-giving guidelines!

Phew! Now you don’t have to worry about getting the perfect gift!

We’d love to hear all about your Secret Santa presents. Share some of your wonderful ideas with us on FACEBOOK PAGE!




At this special time of the year, we at BELL always revisit our favourite Christmas movies. We use them in the classroom and at home! So, we have ranked them, in three very important categories:


  • The meaning of Christmas – how much does this film remind us to care and appreciate loved ones at Christmas?
  • Christmas Spirit – how jolly does this film make us feel?
  • Christmas Classroom – can you use this in the classroom?


10 – The Holiday = 2/15

1/5 Christmas Meaning, 1/5 Christmas Spirit, 0/5 Christmas Classroom

Don’t get us wrong, we can sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy this film! But, it lacks focus on the true meaning of Christmas and doesn’t get us very excited for Christmas at all. This film is all about romance and we don’t think the kids love it as much as we do…


9 – The Snowman = 4/15

0/5 Christmas Meaning, 3/5 Christmas Spirit, 1/5 Christmas Classroom

A lot of children have grown up watching this film! However, we re-watched it recently and it only made us feel sad! SPOILER ALERT: THE SNOWMAN MELTS. It does have Christmas characters… but as a silent film, it’d be very hard to adapt for the classroom!


8 – Love Actually = 6/15

Film Title: Love Actually. Copyright: © 2003 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

2/5 Christmas, Meaning, 4/5 Christmas Spirit, 0/5 Christmas Classroom

This film is genius and enduring, not to mention the many iconic scenes from the film… But, there isn’t a clear meaning of Christmas and we struggle to find any activities – with some inappropriate scenes… it’s not quite appropriate for children…

7 – Nativity! = 6/15

2/5 Christmas Meaning, 2/5 Christmas Spirit, 2/5 Christmas Classroom

A recent addition to the Christmas list – this film was a delight to watch. It has children with lots of scarves, snow and songs! A classic recipe to make us feel Christmas-y in the cold.


6 – The Polar Express = 7/15

2/5 Christmas Meaning, 3/5 Christmas Spirit, 2/5 Christmas Classroom

A fantastical adventure with a boy who travels to the North Pole to meet Santa! This film definitely has Christmas Spirit! However, the train journey seems to take a long time and we are very impatient. We want to meet Santa and so do the students!


5 – Elf = 10/15

4/5 Christmas Meaning, 5/5 Christmas Spirit, 1/5 Christmas Rating

We can’t stop laughing when we watch this film – with Christmas Spirit oozing out of the Elf, you can’t help but feel jolly! However, colloquialisms and fast-talking actors can make it difficult for our students to understand!


4 – A Christmas Carol = 11/15

4/5 Christmas Meaning, 3/5 Christmas Spirit, 4/5 Christmas Classroom

The whole film is a lesson on the meaning of Christmas – and the importance of spreading love and joy! Although the film doesn’t make us feel very jolly until right at the end, it is great for challenging students on past, present and future tenses!

3 – Home Alone = 12/15

4/5 Christmas Meaning, 4/5 Christmas Spirit, 4/5 Christmas Classroom

Timeless. Classic. Watch our favourite kid save himself from evil burglars this Christmas! New York city covered in lights and snow, a small reminder to spend time with family or friends and enjoy some laughter! It can also be used to learn rooms of the house and household objects…


2 – Arthur Christmas = 14/15

4/5 Christmas Meaning, 5/5 Christmas Spirit, 5/5 Christmas Classroom

The newest of the films on our list – with a fresh take on Father Christmas! It reminds us that those around us are the most important at Christmas. Arthur has graded, slow and clear speech throughout this film – as do many of the characters – so there are innumerous activities you can use!

1 – How the Grinch Stole Christmas = 15/15

5/5 Christmas Meaning, 5/5 Christmas Spirit, 5/5 Christmas Classroom

When asked: “what film makes you think of Christmas?”, 9 times out of 10 you will think of the green, hairy monster we have grown to love! We learn with him the true meaning of Christmas whilst remaining jolly! The Grinch will make all of our hearts grow this Christmas whilst challenging your English!



Now is the perfect time to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in any of our BELL projects throughout this fantastic year! We can’t help but be grateful for all the wonderful people we have met and worked with this year. Your hard work, enthusiasm and passion has made 2019 the best BELL year to date.

We can’t wait to do it all again in 2020!

Speaking of 2020…

Christmas comes and goes so quickly that we can’t quite believe it’s the new year already! Let alone 2020!

We will be back with our blog on January 6th 2020…

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all!



‘New Opportunities’

Speaking of 2020… 

In the New Year, there are many new opportunities to get involved with BELL.

Recruitment for 2020 Summer Camps is OPEN, and we’re already looking forward to meetings lots of new tutors!

For more information on what being a summer camp tutor involves, and to apply, click here!

We also have BRAND NEW opportunities to get involved with our Theatre in Education Tour and our Travelling EFL Teacher roles.

Here at BELL there’s something for everyone – definitely something to keep in mind as we jump into a new year!



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