Here at BELL we have a whole variety of EFL Teaching contracts that spread across the country. We’ve adapted our teaching methodology over the years and have found our own methodology that has proven extremely effective throughout Italy.

Education and entertainment all wrapped into one. We believe that if our students are enjoying classes and having fun using English, then students are more likely to remember key vocabulary, and use it outside of the classroom too.


Through this methodology we have developed games, interactive storytelling, CLIL topics, arts and crafts, songs and much, much more. We utilise these different types of activities to encourage creativity in the classroom, and thus increased reproduction of English at later stages. For our projects, we use the CLIL methodology. CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning. It is the idea of teaching a language through a subject. Of course, here at BELL, we teach English. So your students will be learning a new subject, through the use of English. In order to appeal to the students, we choose very fun and engaging subjects for the projects. Therefore you could find yourself teaching a whole range of varied subjects, from Monsters to Ancient Egypt, to Superheroes and Save the Planet!