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Cara/o Insegnante, questo corso è stato chiuso il giorno 01/03/2022 e non è più accessibile. La ringraziamo del suo interesse e speriamo di vederla ai nostri prossimi workshop e corsi di aggiornamento! 

The online course is the second part of a 20-hour course, and is exclusively offered to the attendees of our Teachers Workshops in Autumn 2021

In our Autumn Workshops, you will have met one of the star members of our English team. We thank you for your time and efforts during your workshop; everybody here really appreciated your enthusiasm and cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you again for next year’s workshops!  

During your four-hour workshop, you will have been introduced to some of the key concepts of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and the CLIL methodology. We talked about teaching functional language using drama and role play, and how to encourage English conversation practice in the classroom. Our workshop facilitators talked you through a 5 hour CLIL project, demonstrating how you can plan and deliver a fully-immersive CLIL lesson. We then showed you lots of games and activities that you can deliver to your students, around the topics of Travel and Holidays. The following sixteen hours follows on from the workshop.

In this course, we get even more imaginative and creative! The key theme of this course is Fresh Thinking. It is a mission of BELL Beyond to continuously develop our learning resources and methodology, by thinking outside the box. We hope you enjoy the course, and it inspires you to adopt a Fresh Thinking culture in your classroom! 

Upon completing this course, you will:

•  Be inspired to lead CLT activities in your classroom
•  Identify how to create and deliver a fully-immersive CLIL project

•  Learn new vocabulary linked to exciting topics



Most of the course contains content which you can read and take notes on.  In each section, there are Activities for you to complete. You will not be able to move onto another section until you have completed all of the activities. We hope you enjoy this course as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it for you!