2015/16 Bell Theatre Company – TIE


Learn English through theatre! Explore new creative ways of language learning. 

The idea of this project is to introduce new ways of language learning and to encourage creativity. It gives the children the opportunity to learn English by watching our carefully written and performed shows, available for all age groups!

Children are able to learn lots of new vocabulary and follow the whole performance in English. Unlike traditional language learning that focuses on the use of the left part of the brain, theatre focuses on creativity. These shows also come with after show activities, which help reenforce all of the material from the show and keep all of the children involved!

Theatre is the perfect way of learning English!

The children want to understand what the actors are saying, how they feel and take part in their adventure. This can only encourage children to become involved and to expand their vocabulary without even realising it!

This project also opens many doors for using theatre in class throughout the year. The children can carry on learning by having fun and watching performances. They will be enthusiastic about English and will be excited about language classes!

BELL BEYOND provides teachers with materials and activities to carry on teaching after the show for the following weeks and months.

We have four shows available for each age group:

Jungle Adventures  

Peggy the Parrot gets stuck in a terrible storm, which throws her off course, and ends up in the middle of the jungle! Peggy must find her way home and luckily Millie the Monkey is there to help! On her journey, she meets Eddie the Elephant and his colourful foods, the playful Lloyd the Lion and wise Teddy Turtle. For Peggy it is an adventure she never expected, and surprisingly events lead to lifelong friendships! 

Materna -2nd Elementary  ~
Be Brave, Billy The Bear!  

Billy is a bear. He is not your typical bear as he is afraid of everything! So when his friend, Betty Butterfly, drags him along to solve the mysterious events happening around town, he is forced to be brave! Venturing out into unknown territory we follow Billy’s roller coaster ride of emotions through his journey to self discovery! A detective story about courage, friendship and trying something new!

~2nd -4th Elementary ~

Little Wonders
Sandy is kind, caring and a good student. She does her homework and always helps out at home. But nobody wants to be her friend! Sandy is a girl but no ordinary girl. So on one stormy night Sandy makes a wish upon a star ..and takes us on a magical musical journey! A story about determination, true friendship and the talent show of the year; Little Wonders! 

~ 4th Elementary – 1st Media ~

The Tale of the Golden Gem

Set in 17oos England, a Barron learns of an exceptional treasure and will stop at nothing to get his hands on it. Unfortunate events lead to young Alexandra falling prey to the Barron’s evil ways as he imprisons her mother. In order to save her mother from certain death, Alex takes it upon herself to get possession of the treasure by sneaking upon the Pirate ship that has been ordered to find the Golden Gem! In disguise, Alex is taken upon an epic journey, where she lives amongst pirates, travels across the world and learns about love!

~ Intermediate 3rd to 5th Elementary, Advanced 1st to 3rd Media~


During the course of one day 3 shows and 3 theatre activities are the maximum available.

The teachers pick the SHOW based on the age group and number of students.

At each show a minimum of 60 to maximum of 120 children can take part. After the show the children are divided into smaller groups for the theatre activities.



There will be 3 or 4 professional actors at each show, who specialise in TIE.


Pre teaching materials are available for all teachers, if they opt to prepare their students before the show.

Otherwise, they can surprise the children with the show and use materials after the show for further teaching.


At each school diplomas will be handed out for attending the show and taking part in various theatre activities.


The show can be held in any space, a relatively large classroom, gym or a small theatre if there is one at the school. For the after show activities school classrooms are sufficient. There is no need for microphones, raised platforms or special CD players. If the school does offer a sound system, the actors will be thankful to use it.

How to book a show at your school:

There is a daily minimum of students present at the show.

There is a set rate for a daily show available to a maximum of 350 students, divided into 3 shows and 3 theatre activities. The fee does not include VAT according to article 10 D.P.R. 633\72.


Teachers interested in booking a show must contact the BELL office to make sure the actors are available for the dates. There is a possibility of booking shows on consecutive days.

The teachers will then be sent an estimated cost for the shows they are interested in.

Only  after the dates and times have been confirmed and the cost agreed upon,  BELL will send a confirmation letter that needs to be signed by the headmaster.

Those interested in having a show at their school can contacts us on info@bellbeyond.it or bell.teatro@bellbeyond.it